Shop Story

This little shop really did begin on my porch! 

I have always loved candles, The look, the feel, the warmth but I never felt comfortable burning regular candles, I didn't like the soot or fumes from them. I wanted something healthier for my home.

I began pouring beeswax candles in 2013 for my family and friends. As word spread, more and more folks wanted a safer alternative to what they were burning at home. And so was born The Porch Store Shop!!

I set up a little shop on my front porch where people could come, browse, and buy!

Fast forward all these years later, a bunch of which were spent on Etsy, I have now landed here. A new space to share some of the unique items I LOVE to create.

Please look around. Stick around. I hope you find this space warm and welcoming!